About Us

Welcome to the farm! Or should I say welcome to the place where the freshest and most tasteful peas, butter beans, and pecans are grown!

My husband Eric and I have been committed to planting, growing and harvesting the freshest and best peas and butter beans in the south. Every year as early Spring approaches, we look forward to placing the seeds in the ground, watering and nourishing the plants, and watching God’s beauty unfold.

God has blessed us with two beautiful girls and one handsome boy! EllaGrace, LizzyRae, and Cotton Davis are all young but already know the importance of what it takes to get the freshest produce to your families’ tables.

Here at Gibbs Farm we grow and harvest nearly 350 acres of crops that will have your belly coming back for more! We look forward every year to meeting new smiling faces. We hope that once you enjoy a bowl full of these pecans and beans, you will want to return each season for some more!

Come out and enjoy the smell of country and visit Gibbs Farm: “Where everyone is treated like family!”


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:13